Be a Vendor (#CLEPride2017)


The Pride Festival is an excellent way to connect with more than 35,000 members of the local LGBT and straight allied community. Our scenic location at Voinovich Park, right behind the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum is the perfect venue to distribute information.

2017 Regular Pricing (register through April 14th, 2017) deadline is May 19th, 2017

2017 Late Pricing (effective – May 20th, 2017) applications postmarked on or after May 20th, 2017, will be assessed a $100 late fee.

• PLEASE NOTE THAT FOOD VENDORS WILL BE REQUIRED TO FILL OUT OUR FOOD VENDOR INFORMATION REQUEST FORM and be pre-approved. Please DO NOT fill out the Vendor Application if you are a Food Vendor interested in participating in this year’s Pride.

Cleveland Pride promotes a “build your own space” process. This allows vendors to make decisions around size of space, location of space, and any other additional ADD-ONs. Below is an abbreviated list of pricing:

$185 – 10×10 Information Only
$200 – 10×10 Sales and Information

$210 – 10×10 Information Only
$240 – 10×10 Sales and Information

$210 – 10×10 Information Only
$240 – 10×10 Sales and Information

$300 – 10×10 Sales and Information

$150 – 10×20 up-charge
$300 – 10×30 up-charge
$450 – 10×40 up-charge

PREMIUM LOCATION (High Traffic Area)
$100 – 10×10 up-charge
$150 – 10×20 up-charge
$300 – 10×30 up-charge
$450 – 10×40 up-charge

$200 – 10×10 Canopy

$15 for every additional chair

$20 for every additional table

$75 – Refundable deposit with the return of any rented materials, no breakdown before 8:00 PM.

#### NOTICE ####
All pricing are dependent on the submission of a “complete registration package” which includes signed registration form, certificate of insurance – Cleveland Pride named insured, and enclosed payment (checks only). All other submissions will not be accepted and effective dates for pricing will be applied once all items are submitted.


PERSONAL/COMMERCIAL BUSINESS checks will only be accepted until June 1st, 2017.

After June 1st, 2015, all payments must be made by MONEY ORDER or CASHIER’S CHECK. CASH PAYMENTS will only be accepted in-person at the Cleveland Pride office located at the AIDS Taskforce of Greater Cleveland, 2829 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44115. You must contact Brian Tavolier, for an appointment to deliver a cash payment. Ben Langham can be reached at .

Cleveland Pride, Inc. Parade and Festival 2017 is a one-day event that will be held Saturday June 24th, 2017 at Voinovich Park in downtown Cleveland. The Festival opens at noon and all Vendors must be in the park by 10:30 am – NO EXCEPTIONS.


Prices and instructions can be found on our #CLEPride2017 Vendor Application. There is still space available to be a vendor at Pride, but availability is limited.

Please contact Cleveland Pride at 216.226.0004 or by email

Thank you for joining us as a vendor this year!


Communicating With Deaf and Hard of Hearing Individuals at Pride:
Did you know that deaf and hard of hearing individuals compromise 10% of the population in the United States? To make sure that you are reaching this large and diverse population, please provide information in a visible (written) format. When selling food, drink, or clothing, please use posters, banners and brochures or signs to indicate prices and sizes, enabling deaf or hard of hearing individuals to easily shop at your booth. Consider providing laminated menus or sample items of different sizes so that deaf or hard of hearing individuals can point to their selections when placing orders. Your cooperation in creating an accessible environment for deaf and hard of hearing people at the Cleveland Pride Parade and Festival will be greatly appreciated.

Product Exclusivity:
Product exclusivity is only granted to those companies that pay an exclusivity fee established by Cleveland Pride, Inc. Please call Cleveland Pride, Inc. for details. Cleveland Pride, Inc. reserves the sole right to determine who will be granted exclusivity and to determine the number of businesses that sell similar products and/or services.

Cleveland Pride, Inc. reserves the right to the use of its logos, name, marks, symbols and other intellectual property. Any use of these without express written permission is a violation of the agreement with Cleveland Pride, Inc. and will result in expulsion from the Festival. Trademarks registered to Cleveland Pride, Inc. include: Cleveland Lesbian-Gay-Bi-Trans Pride, Inc. and Cleveland Pride, Inc.

Your Space:
Unless otherwise specified in your contract, Exhibitor will have a 10’x10′ area with one 6-foot table and two folding chairs

Cleveland Pride, Inc. has final determination over the placement of all exhibitors. Cleveland Pride, Inc. reserves the sole right to place exhibitors on any location that it deems fit.

As a courtesy to other exhibitors, vendors, and attendees, please limit amplified sound from your booth.

Firearms, loaded or unloaded, concealed or exposed, are STRICTLY PROHIBITED AT ALL TIMES. This prohibition includes any and all areas and locations controlled, rented, and/or occupied by Cleveland Pride. Only authorized law enforcement, under the employ of Cleveland Pride, shall be exempt. Failure to comply with this statute will result in immediate removal from Pride and forfeiture of all fees and/or deposits paid.

Insurance and Exhibitor/Vendor Permits:
All participants must provide their own insurance and sign the Hold Harmless Agreement, which is included in this packet. It is the responsibility of each Vendor to obtain the necessary permits from the State of Ohio. Permit information is available by calling the Ohio State Department of Taxation at 1-888-405-4039.

Vendor Liability Insurance
Casswood Insurance provides Cleveland Pride with our event management and liability insurance. You can download this application at the following link: 2015 Casswood Vendor Liability Insurance Form. If you are using your own company’s insurance please provide a “Certificate of Liability Insurance” naming “Cleveland Pride, Inc.” as the insured.

A deposit is required by each vendor. The deposit is refunded to you by mail within two weeks after the event. Deposits will not be returned if you leave your area in disorder, damage the facilities or on-site equipment, start taking your booth down before the official festival closes, leave early, or do not check out with the exhibitor coordinator.

Payment, including any applicable fees, must be made in full. Payment may be made using a personal/commercial business check (prior to May 8th, 2017), money order or cashier’s check. Checks and money orders should be made payable to Cleveland Pride, Inc. Cash payments can only be made in person at Cleveland Pride, Inc. – Do not mail cash! Partial payments or invoicing will not be accepted. Receipts can be issued only by request. All checks must clear the bank upon first presentation or you may be barred from participation on the day of the event, without prejudice to any other rights or remedies available to Cleveland Pride, Inc. Full payment and all required paperwork must accompany your application to be complete. Incomplete applications will be returned to sender, hindering your eligibility for available spaces. Postdated checks are not accepted.

The application deadline is 5:00 p.m. on May 20th, 2017 at 5pm. Late applications have no guarantee of accommodation.

Nondiscrimination Expectations:
By participating in Pride, you (and your organization) agree in good faith that you do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, religion, disability, gender, gender or sexual orientation/expression, or any other distinction, classification, or attribute prohibited by law. Failure to comply with this statute during Pride will result in immediate removal from Pride and forfeiture of all fees and/or deposits paid.

Confirmation Process:
You will receive email correspondence prior to the event confirming your participation as a participant. You will also receive an email with your booth assignment and check-in instructions the week of the Pride Festival.

CANCELLATION BY Cleveland Pride, Inc: Cleveland Pride, Inc. makes no assurances of your success. In the event that Cleveland Pride, Inc. shall fail to hold the Festival as herein provided, or if by reason of fire, wind, terrorist attack, storms or any other cause or condition beyond the control of Cleveland Pride, Inc., the Festival facility becomes unavailable, Cleveland Pride, Inc. shall not be liable to Exhibitor or Vendor for any loss or damage suffered by Exhibitor or Vendor as a result of such cancellation, postponement, or relocation of the Festival. Cleveland Pride, Inc. reserves the right to cancel this contract for any reason. Cleveland Pride, Inc. will not be responsible for any damages or costs associated with cancellation except for a full refund of any payments made to Cleveland Pride, Inc.

CANCELLATION BY EXHIBITOR: You may cancel your application at any time until May 20th, 2017 by 5:00 PM and receive a refund of all fees paid, minus 50% processing fee. Refunds will be paid within two weeks following the event. Cancellations made after 5:00 PM on May 20th, 2017 will not be refunded. Exhibitor “NO SHOWS” on the weekend of the event will not be refunded. Any assigned spaces not checked-in and occupied by 10:30 AM on Saturday, June 24, 2017 will be forfeited. All cancellations MUST BE IN WRITING.

SET UP AND BREAK DOWN OF BOOTH: Exhibitor shall move in all materials and construct all displays during the specifically designated move in period. In the event that Exhibitor fails to move all materials during the designated move-in time period, Cleveland Pride, Inc. shall have the right to terminate this contract and reassign the Exhibitor’s space. Exhibitor shall dismantle and remove from the Exhibition location all booths and displays during the designated move out period. Exhibitor shall be prohibited from removing any booths and display materials except during the designated move-out period.

VIOLATIONS: Cleveland Pride, Inc. reserves the right to remove from the Voinovich Park – Cleveland Pride, Inc. Parade and Festival premises the Exhibitor and any or all of the property of the Exhibitor should the Exhibitor violate any of the Rules, Regulations, Terms and Conditions of the Contract. This right may be exercised without prior notice and without hearing. The Exhibitor will not be entitled to a refund of any amount if there is any violation or default.

DEFAULT: Any of the following actions by the Exhibitor shall constitute a default in this agreement: failure to follow any of the procedures and policies described herein, including payment provisions; use of display equipment, products or services which varies in any way from the description set forth in the application and agreement; disruptive behavior of any kind; and, violation of any municipal, state or federal laws, including safety code.

VOINOVICH PARK – CLEVELAND PRIDE, INC. PARADE AND FESTIVAL FACILITY RULES: Exhibitor is required to follow all rules, regulations, terms and conditions of the Voinovich Park – Cleveland Pride, Inc. Parade and Festival facility.

Helpful Hints
Please be aware that Voinovich Bicentennial Park can be VERY windy, bring items to weight down your property and canopy.

Good Taste Policy
Please use discretion in decorating your booth, keeping in mind the spirit of our family-oriented event.


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